“A Proper Secrete”

I am trying to write up a little section of a chapter at the moment to show to my supervisor, so I haven’t much time for cookery experiments this week. I’m working on something about the golden apples in Dekker’s Old Fortunatus, so I thought I would do a post about apples once I’ve finished with what I’m doing, hopefully later in the week. In the meantime, I came across this little “trick” concerning apples in a book entitled “Naturall and Artificiall Conclusions” (Thomas Hill, 1581), and I thought I would share it as I found it quite amusing. The book contains a variety of advice, some, like this one are purely for “entertainment” value, but most seem to be of the old wives tale variety, there are methods for determining whether an unborn child is male or female, for making a chick hatch with feathers of a certain colour, or for seeing in the dark (by putting bat’s blood on your eyelids. Yuck!). Anyway, here’s how to make an apple move on it’s own. I wouldn’t recommend trying it for your next dinner party!

To make an Apple move on the Table, a proper secrete.

HOw to doe this, take an Apple and cut the same in the middest, and in the one halfe make a rounde hole, putting therein a black Beetle, and so laie the same half on the Table, and it will then moue.

More on apples to follow in a week or so.


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