A little bit of housekeeping

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly two years now – although somewhat intermittently at times. It’s a lovely side project for me – I like having a place to explore tangents that don’t fit into my main research, and of course the actual cooking is great fun. I also love hearing about others who have tried the recipes – please do get in touch via the comments if you do! Pictures are particularly appreciated. I’ve never had anyone send me any – if you do I would love to post them on the blog.

I don’t have any plans to change the format of the posts or the site (nor, sadly do I intend make my updates more frequent, much as I would like to I just don’t have the time), but as you will see if you look above the posts, I have made one small change and added an extra page to the site.

I really don’t know how many of my readers come here looking for recipes to try themselves, but I suspect a few do since I see things like “marchpane recipe” or “recipe for early modern posset” cropping up in the search terms now and then. In any case, I’ve added a recipe index so that past successful recipes can be easily located without having to search or scroll through lots of posts. There are 14 recipe, which I was quite surprised by actually, I didn’t think I’d done that many. I accidentally ended up writing a rather long introductory section explaining the reasons behind my recipe choices and cookery methods, it was quite interesting to write as I’ve never really sat down and thought about the approach I’m taking before. Whether it is interesting to read is a completely different matter, so feel free to skip straight to the recipes if you like!

I think February will be quite a busy month for me, so the next post might be a few weeks away, but I’ll get to it in the end. In the meantime, enjoy the index! Also, as this seems to be an appropriate place for it, I would just like to say “thank you!” to all of you for reading, and thanks in particular to those of you who retweet, email, repost or otherwise link to my posts. Like I said, I have lots of fun writing this blog, so it’s lovely to know it gets read by a few people at least!

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