Recipe index

Below you will find links to some of the recipes featured on the blog. I say “some” because I have only included those that I was able to successfully make and post an updated recipe for. The recipes are updated from early modern cookbooks in terms of estimating quantities (which are not always given in the originals), and changing some ingredients and cookery methods. What I have attempted to produce are recipes that you can make at home in a standard kitchen with ingredients that are relatively easy to get your hands on, but that stay as close as possible to the originals. Some might call this simplifying or “cheating”, and it is in a way. There is definitely something to be said for sticking to methods that are as authentic as possible, much can be learned that way, but it is not always achievable for everyone. I think that a lack of certain ingredients and methods shouldn’t be a barrier to having a go at some early modern cooking. Having said that, I do try to choose recipes with ingredients that should be easy to source, so the substitutions end up being more along the lines of green sage for red sage, rather than chicken for hedgehog. Also, it should be noted that I do post the original recipes too, so you can try a more authentic approach, should you have an open fire and brass comfit pan to hand (and if you do I am a little envious).

At present I don’t have an index of ingredients, cookbooks, or cookery writers, though I may do this at some point. If you are interested in a particular food, book or person, your best bet is to try the tags found on the right hand side of the page, and at the end of every post.

Anyway, after that rather long disclaimer/preamble, here are the recipes!


Buttered beer


Caraway comfits

Chicken with asparagus


Eggs in green sauce

Eggs (stuffed) 



Minced pies





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